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083: Yahya Bakkar | Becoming More ALIVE

Today on the podcast I am joined by Yahya Bakkar, a speaker and coach, and author of The 5-Step Blueprint. Yahya is also a certified interventionist and has spoken to nationally recognized organizations, and has a mission to empower others to build the courage and confidence to be themselves.

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077: Sahara Rose | The Dance Between Work And Play

Today on the podcast I am joined by Sahara Rose, Ayurveda expert and author of Ayurveda (Idiot’s Guide), and Eat Feel Fresh, a tridoshic cookbook. Sahara is incredibly smart and has so much knowledge, and I know our conversation will be sure to inspire you to add more play into your life.

073: Tracy O’Malley | Queen of Tough Love + Transformation

Tracy O’Malley joins me on the show today! Tracy is the author of Grace, Grit, Guts, an entrepreneur, and transformative coach creating life changing moments for her clients. We cover a range of topics today from forming a million dollar business, all the way to alcoholism.

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