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083: Yahya Bakkar | Becoming More ALIVE

Today on the podcast I am joined by Yahya Bakkar, a speaker and coach, and author of The 5-Step Blueprint. Yahya is also a certified interventionist and has spoken to nationally recognized organizations, and has a mission to empower others to build the courage and confidence to be themselves.

081: Gary Ginzburg | The Flight King

Today Gary Ginzburg joins me on the podcast! Gary is a Regional Sales Manager for Alpha Flight Guru, and an avid traveler. Gary helps his clients save thousands of dollars on their travel because of his relationships with top-rated airlines and luxury hotels alike.

079: Mo T | Working + Playing Hard Abroad: It’s A Lifestyle

Mo T joins me today on the show! Mo is an international banker for Citibank, which has allowed him to live in multiple cities over the past several years. Mo and I have been good friends for a while now, and I admire his ability to both work and play hard.

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