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071: Chris Voss | Master Negotiator

Today on the show I have Chris Voss, author and Founder of Black Swan, a company specializing in negotiation services and training. Chris is one incredible guy, with over two decades in a career as a FBI hostage + crisis negotiator.

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068: The 3 Biggest Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make | Fri-Date

  Today’s Topic: The 3 Biggest Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make This week, Kim and I deep dive right on into all of the mistakes that new entrepreneurs make. Since becoming an entrepreneur is now easier than ever, we wanted to share some basic guidelines for the...

067: Shawn Stevenson | Sleep Better For Better Health

  Today I am joined by best-selling author, and fellow podcaster, Shawn Stevenson. Shawn has been featured in multiple media outlets, as well as being a frequent keynote speaker for various organizations for his work in the world of health + wellness. I wanted to have...

066: How The 9-5 Workplace Is Becoming EXTINCT | Fri-Date

Today’s Topic: How The 9-5 Workplace Is Becoming EXTINCT Today Kim and I join to talk all about the newest dinosaur: the 9-5 workplace. We go over the huge economic shifts that are happening, automation in the workplace, and why the “gig + share” economy is booming.  ...

065: Phil Rosenthal | From Watching Television to Creating It

  My guest today is the hilarious Phil Rosenthal. Phil is a television writer and producer, known best for creating the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, and star of the Netflix series,  Somebody Feed Phil. We talk all about being from Queens, and how Phil’s love of...

064: How To Grow A Vision Together | Fri-Date

  Today’s Topic: How To Grow A Vision Together Today, Kim and I talk about understanding goals + growing a vision together as a couple. When Kim and I started to realize that we wanted to dream bigger, we had to take a hard look at the vision we each had for our...

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