The Work Hard Play Hard Experience

The Ultimate Reset For High Level Entrepreneurs.

This is the Experience You've Been Looking For

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While you're busy building your empire....

Do your routines need improvement?

Are you getting the exercise and recovery that you need to operate at your best?

Are you neglecting your overall well being because of work?

Are you not taking the time to celebrate your wins?

Are you not present the way you want to be with your spouse or family?

Do you spend too much time in front of a screen?

Do you need more human connection?

Does your intimate relationship suffer because you spend so much time working?

Are you getting the deep sleep that you need to perform at your peak?

Do you need a new tribe that will force you to grow?

Are you not doing the things you promised yourself you would do when you reached success?

Do you feel uninspired and need a new hill to climb?

Do you have an idea burning inside you that needs direction?

Get Out Of Your Day To Day

Get out of the “weeds” and gain access to your own higher level of thinking and decision making capabilities and a new level of thought.


Get around the right group of people to stimulate new insights and ways of thinking, encouraging innovative problem solving to 10X your business.


This will be a massive pattern INTERRUPTION for one year that forces you to do something different. To grab you by the shoulders and stop you from doing the same old shit and getting the same results. This is where your BREAKTHROUGH happens!


I’m going to suck you out of your day to day and get you away from your network of comfort. I’ll put you into an amazing experience, in an incredible location with outstanding people. This opens your mind and gives you access to a new level of thinking that you’ve never had before.

What Our Members Are Saying


“We’ve always worked really hard, that’s never been a problem. But we found our business was stalling. Once we incorporated ‘structured play’ into our life, we took our business and our life to the next level.”

Darren White & Toni Best

Founders, Aduro

“Adding play into your life in this way, with like minded entrepreneurs, allows you to go with the flow, get creative and 10X your business.”

Lori Harder

Entrepreneur, Author, The Bliss Project

“I work to get things done, but it’s not until I truly implement play that my biggest and most successful ideas come through.”

Chris Harder

Podcast Host, Entrepreneur, For the Love of Money

“When we balance what drives and inspires us with lightness, fun, and play – we grow. We grow in the sense that we cultivate new found appreciations, create new ideas, and approach our lives with greater ease and joy.”

Christine Hassler

Bestselling Author of "Expectation Hangover"

How This Experience is Different


I tried dozens of mastermind groups, seminars and events but found them all lacking. Most of what I got out of these events were the connections I had with people in the hallway or at the bar for a cocktail.


I was tired of the same old setting – you know - the boring hotel conference room with the tablecloths, mints, pitchers of water, and long lectures with pre-packaged speakers. I needed that to all go away.


I needed something different. I need something to force me OUT of my comfort zone of my familiar network and INTO a new tribe doing really cool things with their lives.


That’s when I discovered the power – and the science -behind “ structured play”…that is to say, fully immersive learning experiences, that literally changes the neurons in our brain chemistry and our patterns of thinking and behavior.

When you reinforce THAT with a new tribe of high achievers….making six to seven figures…who challenge you…support you and hold you accountable ….magic happens!


When you couple that… with taking the time to get AWAY from the day to day of your business… and get AWAY from your problems… you gain new perspective on your business and get new ideas and THAT’S when growth REALLY happens!



Apply Today

Give us a clear picture of who you are, where you want to go, and what you want to accomplish for both your business and your life.


Schedule An Interview Call

We’ll explore your goals and aspirations to see if we’re a good fit for each other. I’ll explain the program in detail and answer all your questions.


Create A More Fulfilled Life

Transform your life through a yearlong journey of immersive learning experiences in exotic places with a tribe of mentors who will last a lifetime.

We curate all members to fit this criteria



Earn at least $250,000 per year. Most members are making high six/seven figures per year.


This is for HIGH-VIBING COOL PEEPS, not just for scammy , sleeze-ball types WHO just want to work new connections.


Quality over Quantity. In the spirit of true masterminds, we are looking for people willing to provide value to the group within their “zone of genius”.


Fulfillment in all areas of life leads to massive success, personally and professionally. We need you ready to play full out, in every activity, conversation and experience.


Masterminds are about collaboration and having an abundance mindset. Simply put, we want people that want to give more than they take.


Whether you’re an experienced traveler or a newbie, if you’re inspired by new cultures and experiences, this is for you!

Here’s What’s Included


One-on-one strategy call with me to make sure you hit the ground running with a clear direction for the upcoming year.


ONE Domestic discovery weekend to evaluate the key areas of your life, brainstorm the coming year, set goals and milestones and create a 90 day action plan and a path to put your plan in action


TWO International fully curated, immersive mastermind experiences in bucket list locations, designed to open up your mind and give you access to thinking you’ve never had before - you can’t buy access like this.


Private, exclusive dinner experiences with leaders most people will never have access to – as they teach YOU their strategies.


Access up to 25 other high-achieving leaders and influencers with six-and-seven-figure businesses.


One-on-one hot seats that use the group's collective mind to grow your business.


A community of leaders to partner with and connect on new projects.


Special private group platform to get answers to your questions throughout the day.


Our team will handle it all for you. The WHPH Mastermind price includes Luxury Hotel accommodations, experiences and mastermind meals. AND for inaugural Members only, your price is guaranteed for life.


There’s so much more that we aren’t even going to tell you, because who doesn’t like surprises!


Submit your information below, and we’ll set up a call to review your application. Submitting does not mean you’ll become a member. All applications are reviewed on a first come, first served basis.

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