035: Justin Anthony | Decoding Success With Restaurateur

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I wanted to have Justin Anthony on the show today not just because he’s a hugely successful restaurateur and entertainer – he is Founder of the South African hospitality group True Story Brands and the owner of some of the top restaurants in Atlanta – but because he has been able to stay at the top of his game in an industry that isn’t very forgiving.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [3:00] Growing up in South African apartheid
  • [6:00] Going pro in soccer at 17
  • [9:30] Pivoting from professional soccer player to restaurateur
  • [11:10] Opening the first South African restaurant in the U.S.
  • [16:00] Why Justin decided to wait tables before opening his first restaurant
  • [22:00] The teachers that impacted Justin’s growth
  • [26:00] When David met his wife &
  • [28:10] Opening 3 restaurants in 6 months (and why Justin does NOT recommend it!)
  • [30:45] Learning how to hire good people
  • [34:35] Consistency, Standards, & Top Chef
  • [36:40] Why Justin considers himself a player in the entertainment industry & not so much a restaurateur
  • [44:50] Why Justin changes his restaurant’s vibe every year (and the fun of shot skis!)
  • [45:45] Strategies for working with your spouse without killing each other
  • [47:50] The most challenging period of Justin’s career & what he did to get back on his feet
  • [50:40] Playing hard & winding down


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