454. Jasmine Star on Recognizing Possibilities and Making Them a Reality

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Jasmine Star makes social media look easy. That is her job, after all. But the truth is, social media is work—for all of us. That doesn’t mean it has to be like pulling teeth. In this conversation, we tackle how Jasmine’s background set her on the path she’s on today, the things she’s learned along the way on her journey towards success, and why finding your joy usually means doing hard things you don’t want to do. She knows how to work hard, but she also knows how to enjoy life.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [03:05] How culture shapes our view of the world
  • [06:56] Recognizing the drive for more
  • [13:25] Putting happiness above success
  • [18:59] How our definition of happiness changes over time
  • [23:48] Hijacking your mindset toward growth
  • [31:11] Giving people what they want on social media
  • [38:44] Rapid-fire questions




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