444. Making the Science of Fitness Accessible with Andy Galpin

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Andy Galpin is a country boy at heart, and he leveraged the work ethic that his community taught him to take on the world of fitness and exercise at a high level. With a degree in Exercise Science, a Master’s in Human Movement Sciences, and a PhD in Human Bioenergetics, he combined his love of people, science, and fitness into his full-time career as a scientist, teacher, and coach – or as he likes to put it, he “tells stories about human performance.” We talk about his background, how he uses storytelling to leverage a competitive advantage, and what he sees as the future of fitness and longevity.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [02:29] What informs the work Andy does today
  • [10:08] Storytelling as an unfair advantage
  • [20:46] Bands or weights
  • [24:15] Mobility training for the average person
  • [28:12] Intermittent fasting and how stress affects your dietary health
  • [37:02] The problem with sleep trackers
  • [40:47] How long we will extend the human lifespan




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