374. You Have to LET GO to Re-Engage

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Why is it that some of us can feel creatively blocked – even when we’re doing something that we supposedly love to do? When you’ve lost some of the passion that got you to where you are, sometimes the best thing to do to rekindle that fire is to walk away. Let go of what you aren’t loving anymore. Chances are, at some point, it will be screaming at you to come back. You’ll have to pull yourself away – and, if not, if you let it go forever, maybe that’s not such a bad thing in the end.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [01:56] How you sometimes get what you need when you don’t get what you want
  • [05:46] Feeling the pull between two lives
  • [14:17] Navigating the emotions that come with significant change
  • [15:55] Putting the brush down and seeing what comes up
  • [17:45] How your environment dictates your habits



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