356. Cinematographer Kylie Flavell On Capturing La Dolce Vita On Film


Every Sunday, my wife Kim and I watch as many shows about Italy as we can fit in between mimosas. Sometimes it’s Italian movies and sometimes it’s YouTubers living in Italy. A few years ago, we came across a YouTube star known as Kylie Flavell who moved to Italy from Australia. Every week she creates cinematic feature films that she shoots, edits, and performs in herself. Whether you are interested in moving to Italy, appreciate high-quality film production, or just need an escape for a moment each week, do yourself a favor and watch her work.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [04:01] Being in love with the idea of love
  • [09:56] Falling in love with travel
  • [15:01] Misconceptions about Italy
  • [17:58] How Kylie got through the darker times
  • [29:23] What inspires Kylie to create
  • [35:46] Creating an intimate community
  • [50:31] Deciding what parts of your personal life to share


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