338: Katie Quinn | An Expat Author Living in Italy on How Following Your Heart Will Ignite Your Soul


YouTube video

What do Italy, cheese, and YouTube have in common? They’re all a part of the dream life that Katie Quinn built for herself. Starting as an escort on Saturday Night Live — and no, not that kind of escort — Katie wound up in the green room of The Today Show, writing several books, and hosting a podcast and YouTube channel. Katie is truly living her dream life. 

But how did she get here? When Katie realized she wasn’t excited by the so-called glamorous life of living in New York, she took a leap of faith. She followed her passions, which led her to Paris, England, Italy, and eventually Le Cordon Bleu — where she decided that you don’t have to be a trained chef to be passionate about making and eating mind-blowing food. Now she’s sharing that passion with the world, letting her quirky self shine and light up every space she steps into.

In This Conversation, We Cover: 

  • [04:59] What it was like working on SNL
  • [08:34] Becoming a food blogger, moving to Paris and England, and breaking out of your comfort zone
  • [18:47] Getting dual citizenship in Italy
  • [27:07] Learning a new language
  • [39:02] Talking about cheese, wine, and bread


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