329: Anthony Trucks | How to Get Your True Identity to Work For You


YouTube video


I’ve interviewed a lot of people who have been through tough times and come out the other side, but Anthony Trucks’ story is like no other. Starting as a foster child in horrific circumstances, he persevered through tremendous odds all the way to the NFL. Today, he’s a highly sought-after speaker and Identity Shift coach. His story will inspire you to never give up on your dreams.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [03:01] Growing up in the foster care system
  • [15:57] Severing ties with his mother
  • [19:59] Connecting with his biological father
  • [26:18] Having the drive to become a professional football player
  • [29:50] The injury that ended his career
  • [33:11] The lesson Anthony learned from his divorce
  • [38:55] How Anthony avoids being resentful
  • [42:56] Finding your rhythm in life




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