327: Jonathan McAlees | Serial Entrepreneur Shows You How to Have It All

YouTube video


Jonathan McAlees runs a successful, eight-figure credit card processing company, but that is not why he’s here. He’s here because he figured out how to live his dream life. His company makes money for him while he sleeps, so that he can do the things that he wants with his life — not just for the sake of making more money. This is a conversation between two old friends talking about life, dreams, and how to go after them and get them.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [06:20] Jonathan’s prior career and what it taught him
  • [11:34] When Jonathan knew he had to become an entrepreneur
  • [20:21] How he went from employee to entrepreneur
  • [28:23] Building toward the future without deferring your life
  • [37:07] Where fitness fits into an ideal life




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