317: Shane Baum | The Truth About Living a Life of Leisure


Audio Version:

Shane Baum is the representative of one of the greatest lifestyle brands in the world, Leisure Society. When you think of the balance of work and play, he definitely leans hard into play. His background is so different from the life he lives now—from cornfields and tractors in Iowa to pheasant hunting with royalty in the south of France and teeing off at St. Andrews. He’s built an amazing company that is all around living an extraordinary lifestyle. There’s nobody better to talk more about play than Shane.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [04:04] Growing up in Belmond, Iowa
  • [12:52] Trusting your intuition when starting a business
  • [15:42] How to make a lifestyle brand more valuable
  • [22:57] Lessons learned from Louis Vuitton
  • [28:55] The difference between European and American thinking
  • [37:21] How Shane created the Leisure Society


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