275: Christine Koth | Resolve Mysterious Pain in Your Back, Hips, & Knees with This Little Known Secret

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This show is all about fulfillment—which means feeling good. But if you have any sort of back or hip pain, then you know that feeling good is not easy. Enter Christine Koth, a physical therapist and best-selling author of “Tight Hip, Twisted Core.” She’s created a product called the Hip Hook that gets access to the iliacus muscle and relieves a bunch of back and hip problems. She saw a problem and she solved it, and the result is transformative if you have hip or back pain. You’re going to get a ton out of this interview with Christine Koth.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [05:01] What it takes to get people to make the right decisions
  • [08:34] Finding a link with back and hip pain and the iliacus
  • [14:07] What releasing a muscle means and how to do it
  • [19:26] How the Hip Hook works
  • [27:51] The strategy for working through your muscles
  • [30:06] How regularly you should be releasing your muscles
  • [33:25] How Christine developed this product


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