273: Rory Vaden | How To Find Your Unique Frequency To Grow Your Brand


Rory Vaden is a business strategist who is doing things completely different than I’ve seen anyone else in the space do. In this episode, you’ll listen to him coach me directly on what we should do with the Work Hard Play Hard brand and how to double down on the areas that are already making you money instead of chasing something new. This is an extremely tactical and actionable episode. If you’re looking to create a new business or are in a business, this is the episode for you.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [04:50] Growing up in Boulder, Colorado
  • [08:56] How to multiply time
  • [15:57] Why most personal brands fail
  • [26:30] When to go all-in on your passion and when to hang back
  • [29:20] Going through the golden grid
  • [33:30] Being known for one thing
  • [38:35] What to do with Work Hard Play Hard
  • [45:10] Finding your lens to view the world through
  • [53:26] The options available for Rory’s services


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