238: Billy Boughey | Building Unforgettable Events & Experiences



Billy Boughey is the founder and CEO of Elevate Experiences, an entertainment business where he makes amazing, unforgettable corporate events. He’s got quite a story, though — we talk about growing up in Atlanta, his first Run DMC cassette, and free-styling with The Roots on Jimmy Fallon. You are going to love it.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [03:40] Billy getting his first Run DMC cassette and what it did for him
  • [05:05] How to prep for a TED Talk
  • [07:46] Finding influence in Christian rapper Lecrae
  • [14:27] How money doesn’t change you, it exposes you
  • [19:33] How Billy got into baseball and why he quit after one season
  • [23:28] What magic Billy learned from Disney that he carries with him
  • [25:14] How Elevate builds compelling events
  • [27:54] Where most people go wrong when designing a company culture
  • [30:05] How culture works in a “Me Too” world
  • [37:03] How to refocus
  • [47:05] How to connect being a parent with your business life

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