236: Casey Zeman | Choose One Thing & Become an Expert



Casey Zeman, among many other things, is the creator of the EasyWebinar System, an amazing way for you to automate your life. We talk about everything from what it’s like to adopt children versus having your own biological children — he has both — to what it’s like to come out of school and struggle over what career you should pursue. This was a very honest and sincere conversation.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [04:24] What drew Casey to acting in the first place
  • [05:42] The crazy story about Casey’s fabricated IMDB bio
  • [14:22] Exploring careers and dipping into real estate
  • [16:47] Choosing one thing and becoming an expert in that
  • [19:25] Where we are today in terms of producing content at scale
  • [23:41] Adopting children from Haiti

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