227: Fri-Date | How To Work With Your Spouse

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Today’s Topic: Working together with your partner

We’re going to talk on the topic of what it’s like working together while being married. We get so many questions about our relationship or what it’s like working together, so we want to talk about how we balance our day sharing an office.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [6:49] The keys we have figured out to working together
  • [8:16] The principal for allowing balanced workloads
  • [10:55] Protecting each others’ space and time
  • [12:26] Respect or lack of respect for a spouse
  • [15:22] Playing at a high level relationship
  • [17:56] The way people approach situations differently
  • [18:58] Experimenting with different types of schedules
  • [22:20] Wanting to support each other and being all in


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