226: Joey Ruiter | Breaking All the Rules to Design & Innovate



Joey Ruiter is an award-winning and globally-acclaimed designer who pushes through everyday objects and transforms them into products that are as useful as they are jaw-dropping. Everything you think about how he would approach a design is wrong, and I was fascinated by trying to figure out how his brain works. We’re going to dig into the world of creativity so we can pump up that side of your life.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [7:02] Joey’s exhibit at the Peterson Automotive Museum
  • [11:32] The thought process that leads to his designs
  • [15:24] Where to find out the laws and regulations around his designs
  • [22:25] Having the confidence to unveil your work and deal with feedback
  • [26:30] The complexity of designing office furniture
  • [28:36] What Joey’s design firm does
  • [33:07] How Joey tackles a new project
  • [42:57] Living a life well-lived
  • [52:00] Taking time to rest in order to remain creatively charged

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