225: Fri-Date | Solutions to turn procrastination into action.


Today’s Topic: How to deal with procrastinators (even if you are one)

We all know those people who talk about wanting to make some changes in their life, or they have some big idea, but they never seem to do anything about it. No matter how clear it is what they have to do, no matter what deadlines are set, it just doesn’t happen. And some people just take action. We talk about the differences between these two people, and how those procrastinators can start taking action now.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [2:38] Some people just aren’t taking action
  • [5:14] Connecting over problems instead of solving them
  • [8:08] Making excuses
  • [10:20] Visualizing your goals
  • [13:18] Dealing with people asking for help
  • [18:30] What to do if you are a procrastinator


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