223: Fri-Date | Takeaways from our Virtual Mastermind that you can apply today

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Today’s Topic: What we did in our Virtual Mastermind that you can incorporate today

We are wrapping up our 12-week virtual mastermind, and we learned a lot of things running that. It was a big success, so we wanted to talk about some of the things we did inside this mastermind and how they were effective.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [4:40] Holding an ideation session
  • [9:32] Coming up with story brands
  • [13:46] Creating a push journal
  • [22:22] Having accountability
  • [27:46] Starting a private Facebook group


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Hi, I’m Rob!

Hi, I’m Rob! It has been said “You are not what you have learned, but what you’ve overcome.”

I have overcome my share of obstacles in order to architect the life of my dreams and uncover the key to lasting, meaningful success. Growing up in Queens (literally on the wrong side of the tracks), my early years were tumultuous, marked by hardship and violence.

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