217: Fri-Date | The Bacon, Cheese and Abs Fail

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Today’s Topic: My Keto Experiment

Keto Guido’s transformation from a pudgy Italian to the guest host of the Chippendales got me pretty excited about keto. However I sort of overlooked that he eats mostly plants and a little bit of fat here and there. I went all in on the fat and didn’t know what to eat so I ate nuts until my stomach sort of blew up and cheese until I started developing a puffy face and woke up with snot coming out of my nose because all the cheese created a lot of mucus. I felt incredibly full and satiated, but I was getting fat. In fact, I gained 15 pounds in a month. 

So here’s our wrap on what we learned and how I’m eating now.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [3:23] My tendency to jump on the high-fat bandwagon
  • [4:07] The transformation of Keto Guido
  • [5:18] What I overlooked about Keto Guido’s diet
  • [6:18] Why “keto” didn’t really work for me
  • [9:09] What I changed + the results
  • [15:15] Why I’ve stopped fasting for now
  • [16:20] What I’m eating throughout the day
  • [18:44] After-dinner snacks + the Bedtime Belly Buster


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