216: Alison Lumbatis | How to Heal Childhood Trauma Through EMDR Therapy and Create New Beliefs

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Alison Lumbatis of Get Your Pretty On was a mom who spent way too much time in yoga pants after leaving her corporate life to stay at home with her kids. She helps women create seasonal capsule wardrobes so they can save time and money and boost their confidence. Alison had a challenging childhood and in this episode she gets very vulnerable and open about the effects this has had on her, and what she’s doing to turn anxiety and limiting beliefs around. 

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [5:13] Alison’s childhood in Hopewell, Pennsylvania + her acting career
  • [11:28] Growing up with alcoholism + abuse
  • [15:06] Childhood trauma, long-lasting anxiety + limiting beliefs
  • [19:09] Standing up to abusive parents
  • [25:21] Alison’s results with EMDR therapy 
  • [26:52] Enneagrams + personality types
  • [30:21] Learning to prioritize fun
  • [49:00] How Get Your Pretty On started + how it works
  • [58:30] Their plans for a capsule wardrobe for men
  • [1:00:37] Alison’s upcoming book
  • [1:09:16] Rapid fire