Today my guest is Bret Johnson, who created the Push Journal with his wife, Chalene. Not only do I love using the Push Journal, it single-handedly allowed me to create the clarity that I needed to exit my chiropractic company and create my mastermind company. In this episode I chat to Bret about exactly how he and Chalene use their Push Journals. We also cover Bret’s recovery from a gambling addiction and how he and Chalene keep their sex life and marriage alive. 

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [17:29] Bret’s non-judgemental approach to his faith
  • [24:29] How Chalene and Bret keep their sex life alive after 24 years
  • [29:50] How EMDR therapy helped Bret address his gambling addiction
  • [42:05] How Bret and Chalene integrate the Push Journal with their cell phones
  • [58:41] Bret and Chalene’s nutritional business, The 131 Method