Jenny Taylor is the founder of Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography, which focuses on transforming the everyday woman into a bombshell. She has absolutely convinced me that what she’s doing is God’s work because she makes women feel beautiful. In this conversation we cover a few controversial topics plus how childhood traumas can influence our adult lives. 

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [5:28] Jenny’s early start as an entrepreneur
  • [8:45] Why Jenny lived with severe anxiety until about six years ago and how she learnt to recognize what triggers it
  • [27:55] How Jenny came to be a boudoir photographer
  • [27:55] How the pinnacle of Jenny’s boudoir career was photographing her grandmother
  • [33:41] How Jenny has developed a unique visual style
  • [39:30] How you have to trust your gut but also listen to your clients
  • [44:33] Why Jenny decided to become an associate producer on Roe V. Wade, the pro-life documentary
  • [53:30] Why Jenny’s wrestling with whether to have her breast implants removed or not