Steve Valentine isn’t just one of the most successful real estate investors I know – he’s also a collaborator who helps others in the real estate community learn, invest, and grow. So the Valentine family are knocking it out of the park right now, and they’re teaching others what to do when they’re at bat, but Steve definitely struck out a few times before he found his niche.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [4:45] How theft pushed Steve to, reluctantly at first, join the real estate game
  • [5:45] The most important lesson that Steve learned from his dad
  • [7:15] What Steve learned from the real estate bubble bursting
  • [11:30] Tactical advice for getting into real estate if you have bad credit or don’t have a lot of cash
  • [20:00] Should you buy real estate for your own home?
  • [25:20] Steve’s no-BS social media presence
  • [29:30] The lack of (good) real estate education out there
  • [36:00] Working with your spouse
  • [37:30] The practices and habits that lead to success and fulfillment
  • [40:45] Playing hard