Today on the show I am joined by Scott Aaron, the go-to specialist for all things LinkedIn and personal branding. Scott is a good friend of mine who has taught me so much about resiliency on one end of the spectrum. In our conversation today, Scott and I talk about becoming the man of the house at a young age after his father was sentenced to federal prison, embracing and utilizing LinkedIn the way it was intended, and finding peace with failure and success. This episode is sure to give you fresh ideas on all the ways you market and approach your business, so listen up!

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [5:10] Codependency being created in his youth  
  • [9:48] Finding out his father was going to federal prison
  • [15:15] How this time played into Scott’s ego
  • [18:45] Why Scott is so open with his story
  • [20:27] The 4 layers to LinkedIn
  • [24:30] The power that we all possess
  • [28:09] Rapid fire with Scott Aaron