087: Catie Fenn | Get Rid Of Your Timeline


Today I have Catie Fenn on the podcast. Catie is a self-described is a soul coach, retreat host, speaker, meditation teacher and lawyer living in Toronto Canada. She has a passion for helping others find and live their most confident and vibrant lives. Catie is actually a part of my Mastermind, and I’ve really been looking forward to having her on the podcast because I know she’ll inspire you all with her story and what she’s doing with her business.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [3:42] Growing up in Canada
  • [5:06] Writing a vision for her life
  • [9:38] What didn’t Catie love with the vision she manifested
  • [11:36] Steps she took to get out of the negative headspace
  • [12:50] What meditation looks like for Catie
  • [16:15] The legal profession and why it causes shutting down
  • [19:10] Blocks she overcame in order to leave her law practice
  • [21:33] Advice from Catie on following your soul
  • [27:05] Catie’s time on the Bachelor
  • [36:46] What Catie does now
  • [40:28] Play Hard with Catie Fenn
  • [53:21] Rapid fire

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