Today on the show I am joined by Daniel Curtis, founder and CEO of Robb Vices. Robb Vices was born out of the Daniel’s father’s company, Robb Report Magazine. What Daniel has created is an exclusive membership, designed for those with a profound appreciation for the authentic and unique. Today we talk about what it was like growing up in an iconic company, his membership company, Daniel’s take on wealth, and so much more.


In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [4:08] Growing up in Malibu
  • [7:41] What Robb Report gave him
  • [10:29] How Daniel was parented
  • [12:36] What Daniel’s father is like
  • [14:48] Working at Robb Report
  • [17:54] What it feels like to see Robb Report on newsstands
  • [20:30] Wealth and what it looks like to him now
  • [22:36] His time in Italy + his wedding
  • [26:34] Leaving Malibu for New York
  • [30:05] Robb Vices
  • [42:25] Creating momentum for a brand
  • [43:41] Play Hard with Daniel Curtis
  • [50:00] Rapid fire
  • [1:06:23] Daniel asks Rob rapid fire questions