Today on the podcast I am joined by Yahya Bakkar, a speaker and coach, and author of The 5-Step Blueprint. Yahya is also a certified interventionist and has spoken to nationally recognized organizations, and has a mission to empower others to build the courage and confidence to be themselves. I wanted Yahya to be on the show because he is such a burst of energy, has unreal confidence, and has insane amounts of knowledge that I know you all will love.


In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [6:56] Growing up in Saudi Arabia  
  • [10:09] Misconceptions we may have  
  • [12:15] Moving to the U.S.
  • [15:40] Connecting to his culture
  • [18:20] Yahya’s teenage years
  • [23:00] The start of Yahya’s education
  • [30:15] Being a motivational speaker
  • [34:32] Why motivation tends to “wear off”
  • [37:20] The ALIVE acronym
  • [42:32] Play Hard with Yahya
  • [54:50] Rapid fire


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