Today Gary Ginzburg joins me on the podcast! Gary is a Regional Sales Manager for Alpha Flight Guru, and an avid traveler. Gary helps his clients save thousands of dollars on their travel because of his relationships with top-rated airlines and luxury hotels alike. I have personally been really excited for this conversation, because Gary has found a way to make inflight business class more financially achievable, and I love flying business class!



In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [5:19] What it was like growing up with a single mom
  • [7:00] Having the entrepreneurial grittiness
  • [10:15] Football in Gary’s life
  • [11:19] How Gary was introduced to Alpha Flight Guru
  • [15:06] The Flight King
  • [15:42] The cost of flying
  • [17:29] Why flight prices go up + how Gary helps
  • [19:57] Airlines Gary tends to do more work with
  • [21:25] First class that has blown him away
  • [23:46] Average savings for Gary
  • [25:33] Picking out the seat with his client
  • [27:19] Why he is so passionate about travel
  • [32:26] Working with celebrities and influencers
  • [35:18] Play hard with Gary Ginzburg
  • [41:52] Rapid fire


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