Mo T joins me today on the show! Mo is an international banker for Citibank, which has allowed him to live in multiple cities over the past several years. Mo and I have been good friends for a while now, and I admire his ability to both work and play hard. In this conversation, you’ll hear about what it was like for Mo to move from Algeria to Canada, and all about his decisions to further his education. You’ll also hear


In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [7:00] How we met + moving from Algeria  
  • [10:00] What life was like in Algeria
  • [12:50] His cultural connections
  • [14:03] What Mo wanted to be growing up
  • [15:15] How Mo identifies “home”
  • [18:10] Where Mo is now
  • [20:28] Mo’s health + food mindset
  • [26:40] Working out in Istanbul
  • [28:10] Why Mo wanted to get his MBA
  • [31:21] Living in Barcelona
  • [35:38] The lifestyle of Mo T
  • [37:19] Work / life balance
  • [41:26] Being a risk taker
  • [47:47] Rapid Fire with Mo T


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