Today I’m joined by a friend of mine, Lewis Howes. Lewis is an entrepreneur, author, and host of the podcast, The School of Greatness. Since Lewis is a friend of mine, I wanted to ask questions and get talking about things that he doesn’t normally touch on in his interviews. This episode is sure to make you think, and inspire you to take action in your life.


In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [3:56] Growing up with religion + its impact
  • [8:10] Blue Zones
  • [17:00] How getting caught stealing led Lewis to a new path
  • [25:19] Opening up and being honest
  • [28:26] Lewis’s father’s accident
  • [32:45] The School of Greatness podcast
  • [36:20] Beliefs that have changed
  • [43:35] What people disagree with that Lewis does
  • [48:12] How Lewis plays hard, no work involved
  • [55:00] The Summit of Greatness