011: Using The Cycle Of Growth To Change Any Habit | The Robb Review

Today’s Topic: How to change any habit

Today I’m going to discuss the 4 stages of the Cycle of Growth:

  1. Inception – Think New Year’s Day, you’ve just made a resolution, and you’re excited about changing… but you don’t really know what you’re up against.
  2. Deception – A few days in, shit starts to get real. Incorporating your new habit is becoming more difficult, the excitement is waning, and you’re running up against physical or psychological friction. Your unconscious might try to keep you safe by minimizing risks.
  3. Transformation – If you power through the stage of deception, you will start to see positive changes. But you also see the reality of your growing habit, and it’s not a habit yet, so you still have to actively think about incorporating this activity into your life.
  4. Identity – After you’ve gone through this process for weeks and weeks, you don’t have to think about incorporating this new activity anymore – you just do it.

All change goes through this process. You just have to know where you are on the spectrum and work through those stages.


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