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Work Hard Play Hard

Rob Murgatroyd

452. Fridate: Our Rebrand into Live Life NOW!

We are always evolving, whether that’s in our lives or in our businesses. We started out creating videos as Jet Set Life, helping people get the most out of their traveling experiences—we wanted people to live a full life. We started podcasts, ebooks, and courses, and...

451. An Unorthodox Look at Mental Health with Ellen Vora

Ellen Vora is an unconventional psychiatrist. She’s been fascinated by the vague and complicated inner workings of humanity, and she followed that passion with an M.D. from Columbia University. But when she got into the world of psychiatry...

450. Fri-Date: How We Work Together Without Killing Each Other

One of the most-asked questions we get is about how we spend so much time working together without killing each other. A specific version of that question that we received recently said this: “How do you maintain partner accountability without placing expectations?”...

448. The Ultimate Guide to Building a Breakout Brand with Los Silva

You know what? You are a brand. Everybody is a brand nowadays, and now more than ever people are leaning into this fact to do incredible things. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or you’re building a side hustle, making yourself known for something is the key to...


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